Judith Jacob & Grantie Asher Live On Air 16th Jan 2020

Hi all don’t you just love Judith . . . If you could see me now smiling away saying YES MAN MI LOVE HER you’d know the respect we at SVE have for her, YEP she’s a big deal. ¬†Anyway were strictly business and well focus around here 2020 its strictly work so were kicking of with our first interview for the year and were asking you to be there too. Log-in, tune-in, tun onnn your facebook live and join us on 16th Jan 2020 from 2pm @ www.conciousradio.com for this exciting interview. We will be sharing some tracks from our brand new album from the artist Grantie call the ‘Flip Side’ and talking music business for real . . . OK ! So hold on to this studio number 07539 602 999 and request your favourite song from Grantie Asher

Peace n Love !!